Andrei Simionescu
Software Engineer - Project Manager - Gopher



I'm a consultant who specializes in technologies such as Go, Python, and React, and who occasionally delves in technical management.

I ran the development team at Lavaboom between 2014 and 2015, and since then I helped several clients achieve their business goals.

Andrei is an impressive engineer. His easygoing nature and his talent as a software engineer makes him a pleasure to work with. He is also an unbeatable foosball player.

Bill Franklin, Solutions Engineer, ChartMogul

We had a great experience working with Andrei. He demonstrated good knowledge of language and ecosystem and the working and communication process was slick. We'd definitely recommend him for hiring as a developer or a project tech leader.

Viktor Taranenko, CTO,

Truly knowledgeable about the field of encrypted emails, lots of applicable experience and all-around great person.

Piotr Zduniak, CEO, Oakmail

Andrei is a top-notch developer. He has that rare combination of technical capability, strong work ethic, and great interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend him.

Noah Freedman, CEO & President, Nucleos

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